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5 April 2012 - Taejongdae

Back to where I stopped on my trip to Taejongdae dated 5 April 2012.  I took bus no. 8 to Taejongdae and alighted at the final stop, which is the bus terminal.  Alighting at final stop always sound more assuring to me.  I can relax and enjoy my bus journey since I need not have to stay alert for the announcement of my destination. There will be announcement made for each bus stop. If I did not remember wrongly, there was English announcement as well.  It was 10.26am when I reached the bus terminal.  The bus journey took about 20 mins.  No particular place in mind, so I went to the beach which I did not have the time to check out in my last trip.

Taejongdae Bus terminal

With your back facing the bus terminal, turn to your left.  
Walk straight and cross the road.

Quiet road

아! This was the place where I ate 돌솥 비빔밥 for my lunch.

Everything is so familiar  ^^

太宗臺 =  태종대 = Taejongdae
When you see this on your left, you will also see a big car park on your right.  
There could be some tour coaches at the carpark.  Walk towards this big carpark.
Means something like "danger"?
You will see such metal railing at the side of the carpark.
There's a staircase on the right for you to go down. 

I was here 6 months ago.   Blessed to be back again, standing at the same spot. Took the stairs and walked down towards the direction of the sea as shown by the arrow on the picture.

Sunny day!   Fortunately, there was cool breeze  ^^
Just keep on walking towards the direction of the sea.

Saw a hardworking 아줌마 from afar.

I just keep on walking straight and saw this!  It took me about 10 mins from the bus terminal to reach here.

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