Tuesday, 8 May 2012

6 April 2012 - Jinhae Tower

I walked back to the place where I caught a glimpse of Jinhae Tower earlier on.
It was also the place where you can find many food stalls.

Ever since I came back from my trip last Autumn, I make it a point to climb the staircase instead of taking the lift when I go home.  192 steps everyday, but its actually not a lot compared to the stairs and slopes in Korea.  Therefore, when I learnt about the 365 steps to get to Jinhae Tower, I wondered if I could complete 365 steps without any huffing and puffing.  

There are cable cars to take you up and down as well.  Its a long queue if you do not mind waiting.

Actually, its rather nice to take the stairs.   Fresh air and nice view of the surroundings.  
For those who wish to take a rest ^^

222 steps.  I was still feeling very energetic when I got here.
The fresh air and cool climate had made the journey most relaxing  ^^

Huh??   I have reached??   I made it!!   It was not tough at all.
 In fact, I think this is peanuts compared to the steps I took at Namsan to get to Seoul Tower.  

Omgg...I will never ever forget that experience...Hahahhaaaa...
By the way,  taxis would no longer be allowed to drive up Namsan wef 10 May 2012.    

You can read more about this at Visitkorea and 10mag

Jinhae Tower

Cherry Blossom again  ^^

It feels great to be here  ^^  

I went up to the top floor of Jinhae Tower. 

I can see Jungwon Rotary from here.

Very good weather that day!

I love the clear blue sky with big white clouds....

Trying to capture the clouds above the housings in one picture..

Low rise housings.
High rise housings.

Making my way down.  I saw two young children playing  "가위 바위 보at the bottom of the staircase.  "가위 바위 보" is the Korean version of "scissor paper stone".  Hmm. I wondered how long will they take to reach the top?  

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