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7 April 2012 - Anapji Pond (Gyeongju)

Entrance fees to Anapji Pond.

Its totally different from what I had expected.
Probably because most of the pictures that I saw online were taken at night.
Not much to describe about the place. I shall let the pictures do the talking ^^

At this point of time, I overheard the conversation of three young girls beside me.  Their accent told me that they are from China.  They were saying about getting me to take a picture for them.   I think they were too shy to approach me so I went up to ask if they want me to take a picture for them.  They looked so surprised that I speak Mandarin and asked if I am also from China.  I told them I am from Singapore  ^^  They thought I am a Korean.  Hahahaaa....I love it though I really don't look like a Korean...I wish I am!!  

Family outing  ^^ 

I think the lightings will make this place more beautiful at night.  A different feeling I guessed.

It was 12.20pm by the time I finished touring Anapji pond.  It took me less than 30 mins to check out the place.  My bus will leave at 5pm, so I don't have much time left if I want to check out Bulguksa Temple, Seokguram Grotto and Bomun Lake. Not forgetting I want to have 경주맷돌순두부 Metdol Sundubu for lunch.  Yes!  Metdol Sundubu!  I heard its famous in Gyeongju and located near Bomun Lake.  Since I am a SUPER fan of sundubu, how can  I leave Gyeongju without eating its famous sundubu??? I also learnt that Bomun Lake will be covered with cherry blossom in mid April, about 1-2 weeks after Jinhae where the flowers will be full bloomed.  I knew I was too early to see the beautiful flowers but since 경주맷돌순두부 Metdol Sundubu is nearby, so why not drop by Bomun Lake as well?
I decided to take a taxi from the entrance of Anapji pond.  While waiting for the taxi, I thought I heard one of my favourite song from Shinwha's latest album, "Venus".  It should be my imagination....
Anyway, it was not difficult to get a taxi.  I showed the taxi uncle a map of where 경주맷돌순두부 Metdol Sundubu was located.  He knew where it was, which means the place is very popular.  Taxi uncle asked me, "식사?"   I replied,"네".  I learnt a new word in this trip, ie "식사".  
The taxi uncle stopped along the way to pick up a young Korean couple who was waiting for a taxi at the roadside. Taxi uncle asked me if its okay for them to share the taxi with me, as they were also going to somewhere near Bomun lake.  Of course, I had no problem sharing a taxi since we were going to the same direction. There was a traffic jam due to the Cherry Blossom Maranthon.
The Korean couple alighted first and they paid the full fare.  Hey, I thought we can split the fare!  So that's how the taxi drivers operate in Korea.  Hahaahahaaa but its perfectly fine with me to pay for whatever amount that I was supposed to pay even without sharing the taxi.  However, I also begin to wonder if it was a right decision to agree on sharing a taxi because the taxi uncle had to go a BIG round to 맷돌순두부 Metdol Sundubu after alighting the Korean couple.  I past by Bomun lake and saw the cherry blossom has yet to bloom.  It was 12.50pm when I reached  맷돌순두부 Metdol Sundubu.  The fare was KRW17350.  It would be much faster if there was no marathon.  

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