Wednesday, 2 May 2012

5 April 2012 - Busan Aquarium

I didn't mean to take their picture.  Waited for them for quite a while to take the picture of the entrance but hmm.... Anyway, Busan aquarium is located along the beach.   

Slimy creature 

Living in harmony??

Any idea what is this? 


They amazed me   ^^

Waoo Waoo..

Waoo Waoo Waooo!!
Seriously, I can look at them for a long time!  These blue jellyfish moved the fastest cos I had a hard time trying to capture their picture!  Looking at them can be so de-stressing cos they moved very fast and got me all focused on them.

"Jelly World"
Poor thing...the space is so small for you...

Up next is lunch.  I also bought the ticket for 3D show featuring "Happy Feet".  Decided to take my lunch first as it was almost 3pm but its a wrong decision...

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