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6 April 2012 - Getting to Seoubu Bus Terminal

Its my 5th day in Busan. My itinerary for the day was a day trip to Jinhae for Jinhae Gunhangje Festival, which commenced from 1st April to 10th April this year. If you have read my earlier post, I didn't manage to book my train ticket to Jinhae. Tickets for the first train were sold out more than a week ago before 1st April. It turned out to be a blessing in disguise because I found out a faster and cheaper way to get to Jinhae from Busan. There's actually a direct bus from Seoubu Bus Terminal to Jinhae Bus Terminal. Mr Son also told me taking the bus is a much better option. He said he has never visit Jinhae Gunhangje Festival because he has to work very hard to support the family. He couldn't afford to be away from the motel.  I hope he can have a good holiday with his family to Jinhae in the near future  ^^

At last,I got the chance to take a picture of Mr Son's scooter  ^^
This was the scooter that Mr Son took me to the eye specialist.
Well, I got not once but twice the honour to take this scooter.
 You will know why on my last day in Busan  ^^

I left the motel at 6.50am after a simple breakfast of bread and milk.  Took the subway from Nampo station to Sasang station, exit 3 for 부산서부시외버스터미널Seoubu Bus Terminal.   Blur to see this when I came out from exit 3.  Again, the information I got online did not state which direction from the station exit to Seoubu Bus Terminal.  Hence, I walked straight... 

And saw this on my right.  It was about 2 mins walk from exit 3.

Apple was beside the building.  One blogger said to get to the second floor of the Apple outlet and cross over to the next building, where one will see the counters to buy the bus tickets.  I took the elevator to the second floor but no access when I reached the second floor.  I wasn't sure whether I was on the right track.  Was it because it was still early and the access door was not open yet???  I really had no idea...I went out of the building and walked around the place. 

I got some help from the security guard.  He directed me.  Basically, the bus terminal is located behind the building where I was.  Just get round the building.  

Finding my way to the bus terminal...
Walk straight and turn left after the signage for "Lotte Cinema".

Saw this again when I get behind the building.
I think this is either the back or front of the building.  Whichever..

I couldn't see the bus terminal but it was actually THERE!!!!!   
 McDonald's is just next to it.  

This is 부산서부시외버스터미널 Seoubu Bus Terminal. I did not see any English translation that indicates "Seoubu Bus Terminal".  Just open your eyes big for this building.  I did not take note of the Korean words but was thinking this should be the bus terminal because there were so many buses.  So even if you do not know how to read hangul, you will know this is a bus terminal when you see so many buses.  
(In my subsequent trips to Busan, I realised an easier way to get to Seobu Bus Terminal ie from Sasang Station, exit 5. From exit 5, turn to your left and you will see the bus terminal.)
Entered the bus terminal and this was what I saw.
Clean and spacious.  It looked new to me.

I went up to the counter to buy my ticket.
The counter girl can speak simple English  ^^ 

I think this is the timing for the first and last bus to Jinhae.
Bus interval about 15-20mins?  Hahaha...that's only my guess. 

So cheap!!!!  The bus fare to Jinhae is only KRW4700.  Note that there's no seat number and time stated on the ticket, but the counter girl told me the bus leaves at every 20mins.  

Online ticketing?  

Locating the right exit to take my bus at platform 17.   

Yup, here's the right exit.  You have to show your bus ticket to this uncle.

Excited to take my first intercity bus trip.  
Ermm...was that considered an intercity bus trip??  I don't know.  Hahahaa...

Waiting at the bus bay for my bus  ^^

This was the bus to Jinhae.   There were a lot of tourists as well as Koreans on the bus.  Fortunately, I took a picture of my bus ticket cos there will be a bus conductor to check and tear a portion of your bus ticket before the bus embarked on its journey.  It was 8.40am when the bus departed from the bus terminal.
Jinhae, here I come!!
There were many stops along the journey to Jinhae but there was no toilet break.
Reached Jinhae.  While travelling on the bus, I was attracted to this big signage that says,"Jinhae Fatima Eye Clinic".  Does that mean this clinic was opened by a Malay lady who is residing in Jinhae?   *Envy 

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