Monday, 21 May 2012

8 April 2012 - Choryang (Busan)

I walked out from Choryang market and was planning to find a place for an early lunch.  Somehow, this stall caught my attention.  This stall was near the church that I mentioned earlier on.    

I don't know what are they called.  They looked like fried donut to me.
I hardly eat donut in Singapore but I couldn't resist this   ^^

I only wanted to try out one piece but 아저씨 felt its only right to give me two pieces since two pieces cost KRW1000.  I really don't mind paying KRW1000 for one piece cos I wanna saved my stomach for my lunch!  Yup. It tasted something like fried donut and its YUMMY!!!

I past by this shop and took a second look.  I never knew there was Busan Dwaeji Gukbap 부산돼지국밥.  I only knew about Gyeongju Gukbap 경주국밥.  In this trip, I learnt a Korean dish ie Gukbap 국밥.  "Guk" means soup and "Bap" means rice. Hence, "Gukbap" literally means "soup with rice."  I love soup with rice so Gukbap has become one of my top favourite Korean food  ^^

The two shops were beside each other.  I was soooooooooooooooo tempted to eat here!!!   *Control  

I told myself I must save my stomach for Gyeongju Gukbap as dinner in Seomyeon cos I already had my mind set on Gyeongju Gukbap when I was doing research for this trip!  Remember I couldn't locate my Gyeongju Gukbap that day?  Yeah, I was still not happy that I couldn't locate it!   

Bye bye 부산돼지국밥 ㅠㅠ. I can only "swallow my saliva" for now....I will definitely come here if I ever have the chance to come Busan once again! 

 Such housing layout never fail to catch my attention  ^^

I wanted to check out Choryang pork rib alley for my lunch. The online information I had was to take exit 3 and the alley will be within 500m.  Although I didn't personally try using exit 1 for Choryang Market, but you can give it a try  ^^

I walked through this underpass shopping to get to exit 3. It was almost noon but the shops had yet to open. A young girl approached me at the end of this passageway.  Guess what?  She gave me two Easter eggs!!  Trust me, you won't have the heart to say "No" to these young children because they looked so happy and innocent when they give you the eggs.  Now I had four Easter eggs!  The first Easter egg surprised me. The second Easter egg delighted me.  When I was given my third and fourth Easter eggs, I began to worry..  What am I going to do with 4 Easter eggs?   I couldn't possibly eat 4 eggs all by myself.  

When I came out from exit 3, I realised it was the same route that I took to get to Choryang Market!  I couldn't see any pork rib alley...

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