Wednesday, 16 May 2012

7 April 2012 - Lunch at Gyeongju

  I was happily looking forward to eat the popular sundubu in Gyeongju but guess what...?? 

So many people outside 경주맷돌순두부 Metdol Sundubu!!
Are these people waiting for their seats?
I took a peep inside the restaurant. was really full house!!!
The queue didn't end at the entrance of the restaurant.  There were also people waiting along the road.  This is crazy!  As much as I wanted to try out the famous sundubu, I had no choice but to pass on that.  The queue was really too long..  

Of course,  I still want to have my lunch.
Saw a sign board with the word "해물순두부" round the corner.  Okieee!  This is it!

A big contrast to what I saw at 경주맷돌순두부 Metdol Sundubu just now but that's okay. How wrong will 해물순두부 get?? Anyway, I heard sundubu is also one of Gyeongju local specialties.  * Consoling myself 
This restaurant was about 2 mins walk away from 경주맷돌순두부 Metdol Sundubu.

Don't be mistakened that there's hardly any customers here.  A group of customers just left and the table was quickly cleaned up for the next customer.  There were actually a lot of customers waiting outside while I was having my meal.

Yummy Yummy Yummy!!!!!  Perilla leaves remind me of 감자탕 Gamjatang cos I had a hard time finding it when I wanted to cook 감자탕 previously!  The potato salad was nicee!

Absolutely no regrets to eat here  ^^
This sundubu was yummy!!

It was around 1.45pm when I finished my lunch.   
Past by Metdol Sundubu and there's still a long queue.... 
I walked to the main road to check out the buses available at the bus stop.
This bus stop was outside 경주맷돌순두부 Metdol Sundubu. 

This was pinned up at the bus stop as well.  Looks like a train schedule to me cos the word "KTX" was the most prominent word to me  ㅋㅋㅋ  Running out of time so I decided to take a taxi to my next destinations, 불국사 Bulguksa Temple  and  석굴암 Seokguram Grotto  instead.  


  1. hi happydalki... i was wondering where is this restaurant near to? any tourist attractions nearby?

  2. Hi siying. I can't rem exactly the nearby landmarks but I think its near bomun lake. Here's a map if it helps

    The taxi uncle know the place when I told him "경주맷돌순두부".

  3. Hi happydalki, thank you :) hope your planning for april trip is going well!

  4. U are welcm ^^ Maybe can print out the map just in case. I'm still working on my itinerary! Hotels and air tickets all booked ^^

  5. yes i will print along the map ^^ look forward to your sharing of your trip :)