Saturday, 2 May 2020

10 April 2018 - 부천 도당산 벚꽃축제 Cherry Blossom Festival at Dodangsan

As I have mentioned in the earlier post, I tried to catch as much cherry blossoms as I could before they were all gone.
There are so many lovely cherry blossoms places in Seoul or just a subway ride from Seoul that I wanted to check out.
So 2nd stop for the day was Dodangsan.
I took the subway to Chunui Station, exit 7.
It was about 12 mins walk from exit 7.
Walk straight and turn right into a small lane.
Yup, walk straight from exit 7.
When you see this signage, "벚꽃동산" and turn right into a small lane.
This was the small lane.
Walk straight.
Just continue to walk.
You know you are in the right place when you saw the flowers ^^
My heart flutters so much whenever I saw the flowers ^^
It is a place of some slope but not steep.
The Dodangsan Cherry Blossoms festival was on 14 April & 15 April 2018.
So probably what I saw was not the full bloom yet.
Or was it because alot of the flowers have fallen due to the rain...??
That was ok because it was still very nice to be here ^^


Going down the slope.

I still remember as I was walking down the slope, it suddenly got very windy and the petals started falling down...
It was really a very pretty sight ^^

아 ~~~  너무 귀여워 ^^
Time to leave.
I came back again in 2019 Spring cos I like this place.
Not difficult to reach here and mainly becos 98% are locals (At least when I was there lol)
When I was there, I saw 1 foreigner who came with his Korean partner and the other 1% was me

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