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7 Nov 2018 - Day trip to Gapado Island 가파도 (Part 2)

Personally, I love taking coastal walk.
If you are not the type to enjoy walks, you will not understand what I mean lol
But whenever I come to Jeju, coastal walk is a MUST for me.
Fortunately, it did not rain, so we were able to enjoy our walk by the coast ^^

We did not walked round the entire island cos we wanted to catch the ferry that departs at 2.20pm.
Since we still have some time before the ferry comes, we stopped by at this cafe for a hot drink.
We aimed for this seat ^^

Love the feeling of sitting here, looking at the sea with a cup of hot drink.
Nothing to think of, just simply zoning out here.

Ready to board the ferry!
Thank you, Gapado ^^
Nothing much but a simple relaxing moment on the island ^^
좋다 ~ ~ ~
The ferry set off at 2.20pm and reached at 2.36pm.

We walked less than 10mins to this bus stop, "모슬포항" with the intention to take bus no. 752-1 to our next stop, Songnaksan 송악산.
Supposed to alight at “산이수동”.
Bus journey would be about 14mins and walk 9mins to Songnaksan.

View across the bus stop.
This bus stop, "모슬포항" (as circled in Red) and supposed to alight at "산이수동" (as circled in Blue) for Songnaksan.
I think there was another bus stop,"모슬포남항(
운진항)" (as circled in Yellow) nearer to the ticket office, ie 운진항 Unjin Port.
The first
 column shows the arrival time to the bus stop, "모슬포남항(운진항)".
We missed the bus that departs at 14:30, so the next arrival for bus no. 752-1 was 15:50.
Since we were at the stop after 모슬포남항(운진항), the next bus probably reached us at around 15:55.
I did not want to waste my time waiting, so we took the taxi to Songnaksan at 3.29pm.
Taxi driver told us no meter, and fare was 6000 won.
We reached Songnaksan at 3.35pm.
Expensive fare right?
But its ok because time was tight.
Anyway, this is the bus route from the bus stop,"모슬포남항(운진항)" nearer to the ticket office to Songnaksan.
운진항 Unjin Port as shown by the Blue marker.
 모슬포항 Moseulpo Port as shown by the Red circle.
The map indicates walk 6 mins to this bus stop, bus ride for bus no. 752-1 is about 14 mins and walk 25mins to the Songnaksan trail.
Not sure if the map calculated the time taken to the foot of Songnaksan walking trail or somewhere at mid walking trail lol
Clearer view of the location of the bus stop,"모슬포남항(운진항)" from 운진항 Unjin Port.
Clearer view of the location of the bus stop,"산이수동" to get off and walk 25mins to the Songnaksan trail.

Disclaimer : I did not try taking the bus personally. 
The above is just for your reference.
Probably, I made you more confused???

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