Sunday, 24 May 2020

9 Nov 2018 - Splendid view from top of Jimi Oreum

From 함덕서우봉 Seoubong Dullegil, Shar drove us to the next destination.
I was so looking forward to this place ^^
We reached 지미오름 Jimi Oreum (also known as 지미봉 Jimi Bong).
Jeju has many Oreums and I really like these Oreums alot.
They are considered hills.
More manageable to hike than a mountain hahaha but offers great view too.
I could not say this was an easy route but I think we managed to hike up quite fast.

The view was so rewarding ^^
Seongsan Ilchulbong, aka ‘Sunrise Peak can be seen from here!
I wanted to check out Jimi Oreum after I saw the online pictures of the view it offers ^^


I think we took about 70mins for hiking up & down the hill, including about 10mins of time up there.
Feels so accomplished whenever I checked out a new place and introduced it here in my blog.

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