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9 Nov 2018 - Oedolgae and its beautiful surroundings (Part 1)

From 돈내코원앙폭포 Donnaeko Wonang Waterfall, we drove to  Oedolgae 외돌개.
I think there was a parking fees of 2000 won.

Actually, I did not plan to come here.
I wanted to check out another filming location of "집사부일체 Master in the House", that was the 선녀탕 Seonnyutang.
I was soooo enticed by the place when I watched the show.
It was so beautiful.
I did not know that there were other attractions around 선녀탕 Seonnyutang.

This trip become a bonus trip to us ^^

That was the Oedolgae Rock.
But errmmm...I was facing the sun...

Remember this place marked by the red arrow.
We walked over there and fell in love with this place.

This was also a filming location for the famous drama, "Daejangguem".

That's 새섬 새연교 Saeseom Island Saeyeongyo Bridge!
I have been there before!
Remember I told you to remember that place marked by the red arrow?
This was the place.
It did not appear anything much to me when I first stepped foot here.
As I walked towards the middle, I felt as though I was walking towards the edge of the world.

One of my favorite picture.
My friends and I agree this is a must visit place in Jeju.
 Oedolgae and its surroundings will definitely leave you lasting fond memories of Jeju.

I was a bit scared to go near the edge but at the same time, I wanted to go near lol
If you know what I mean...

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