Sunday, 24 May 2020

9 Nov 2018 - Checking out one of 집사부일체's filming locations in Jeju ^^

From Jimi Oreum, Shar drove us to our next stop, 돈내코원앙폭포 Donnaeko Wonang Waterfall.
I am a big fan of "집사부일체 Master in the House" and was looking forward to check out this place when the show featured this place.
It was quite a long drive..
Big thanks to Shar.
Reached ^^

Saw the familiar scene as we walked down the stairs!!
So excited!!

I did not intend to upload this picture but there was a rainbow!

It was a very small area and you may not think much of it.
But as a big fan of 집사부일체, I was so happy to be here!
The water was unbelievably clear blue!

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