Wednesday, 20 May 2020

6 Nov 2018 - Yummilicious ramyeon and seafood pancake for dinner (Round 1)

We took bus no.201 from this bus stop at 5.04pm to our dinner place.
We got off at bus stop,"계룡동" at 5.13pm.
I can't forget the beautiful sight that greeted us when we got off the bus.
It was so lovely and peaceful.

The route to the eatery should be about 10mins but we spent much longer time here to enjoy the lovely sunset.
By the way, when we finished eating and walking back to the main road, this place was awfully dark hahahahaa
We used our mobile phone torch light but still not very bright.
The peaceful surroundings and slow living that made me fall in love with Jeju... 

Yes, our dinner place was by the sea too.

This was Swing Cafe, 평대랑그네랑카페 but it was closed when we were there.
Not sure if they are still in operation.
Oopsss...the name of sign board dropped.
Yessss..... ^^

I liked this kind of eatery ^^

Opens at 10am and closed at 7pm
Closed on Wednesday.
  1. 해물라면 Seafood ramyeon 8000 won
  2. 해물전복라면 Seafood abalone ramyeon 8000 won
  3. 해물꽃게라면 Seafood crab ramyeon 8000 won
  4. 해물파전 Seafood pancake 15000 won
  5. 문어숙회 (I think its parboiled octupus) 25000 won
  6. 제주막걸리 Jeju Makgeolli  3000 won
  7. 공기밥 rice 1000 won
Came here becos I saw the delicious looking pictures of their seafood pancake 해물파전 15000 won and seafood abalone ramyeon 해물전복라면 8000 won.
After seeing this picture online for many months, I finally gets to eat it!!
I liked this kind of crispy seafood pancake.

Well, this was only round 1 of our dinner.
Round 2 of our dinner was less than 3mins walk away hahahhaha
ouldn't even digest anything before we stuffed ourselves with food again ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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