Sunday, 17 May 2020

15 April 2018 - You worked hard, 종현아!

Came to SMTOWN Coex Artium for 종현's memorial.
Shinee was one of the band which brought me into Kpop.
His sudden departure was a blow to me, couldn't believe my eyes when  I saw the news.
So so thankful that I could still make it in time for his memorial cos it commenced on 27 Jan and  will close on April 30 2018.

Saw some fans just before I took the escalator up.
Who were they waiting for??
Anyway, I went for the memorial first.

My heart suddenly became heavy when I saw Jonghyun as the elevator door opened....
슬퍼....ㅠㅠ ㅠㅠ ㅠㅠ....
Took a deep breath as I stepped out of the elevator.....
You were so talented and you worked hard.
May you find peace and happiness now and in next life.
Thank you for your hard work, for your music and dances.
Thank you for being part of Shinee.
Shinee shines forever in my heart.

The place was filled with a sombre atmosphere...

Can you find my note?
 잘했어 ~~
고생많았어 !!
As I came down, more fans!
So I joined in to wait and see who they were waiting for...
A lot of screaming from time to time.....
But seriously, I think most of the time, they were just screaming for nothing...zzzzz..
I did not see anyone whenever there was screaming....
There should be some artists appearing right??????????????
When that guy in suits appeared, I heard screaming.........zzzzz....
Can you identify who was the person in white shirt hahahaaaaaa
Well, I could not hahahahah
But there was screaming when he got off the car...
Just like that..I waited for almost an hour to see which artist but till todate, I still have no idea hahahhah
After this guy went up, the fans were still waiting...

Passed by the Starfield Library in Coex Mall.
Many people taking pictures of the library, especially taking the escalator up and down a few times, so as to capture that huge book shelves as background.

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