Thursday, 7 May 2020

11 April 2018 - My first time using a Smile Box

My Korean friend ordered some food and requested me to help to bring back to SG.
He requested the parcel to be sent to a SMILE BOX near my airbnb.
I have never used this in SG too.
I think there was no English instructions but not difficult to use it.
I chose the picture showing the lady becos the other picture is for the delivery person.
I chose the picture showing the parcel.
I think I was given a pin no lol 
Ta daaaaa!!
So happy that I managed to get it right the first time!

윤아 ~~ 잘 했어 ^^
*쓰담 쓰담 ~~~
Unpacked and kept them in the fridge first ^^
All these are my Korean friend's banchan in Sg I guess hahahah

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