Wednesday, 20 May 2020

6 Nov 2018 - Dinner at 벵디 Bendi (Round 2)

So from 해맞이쉼터, we walked 1 min to 벵디 Bendi  lol

Placed our order at the cashier.
Jeju  beer ^^
My cheese donkatsu 치즈돈까스 (12000 won) looks good!
돌문어덮밥 Octupus on rice 17000 won.
This was a top item on the menu, and I came here for this.
Cut the octopus up and mixed with rice.
This was delicious!
I like it when they have announcement of the current stop and next stop.
We walked about 11mins out to the main road and took bus no. 201 from bus stop, “계룡동” (no need to cross road) at 7.18pm,
We got off at bus stop,”함덕환승/함덕해수욕장” at 7.44pm and change to bus no. 300 from the same bus stop.
This was the stop, "함덕환승/함덕해수욕장" we got off to change to bus no. 300.
I think this was also the bus stop for Cafe Delmoondo
The stop for bus no.300 after “함덕환승/함덕해수욕장” is "신흥리(마을입구) 함덕고등학교".
We got on bus no. 300 at 7.52pm and got off at “하귀초등학교” at 8.54pm.
We walked about 6mins back to airbnb.

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